Persephone’s Garden

There was a shadowinnate and endless.Lodged into thecavern of myheart. I put it aside.But still I heard it,chanting its wordsinto the silence:dangerbloodfear. The portal to the soul stood open.I thought to close it.But I could not bearthe thought of itswhispers as it diedalive. -- Oh, strength - I gathered it -Heart beating fast; I gathered... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

I want to write something beautiful. Something that speaks to yearning; something that speaks to the yawning cavern, aching to be filled. I want to speak of the darkness of that cavern; of the infinite chamber that hangs silence like a curtain, waiting for the voice strong enough to pierce it – this veil that... Continue Reading →

Memento Mori

Sometimes I think I would not mind, if this was it. Have I not lived a long life already; Have I not lived, and loved, as deeply as anyone hopes to? I would have only one request, perhaps - if this was it - And it might be, "Give me ten days, or all of... Continue Reading →

The Shadow of Truth

When did my truth become my shadow? When it became a shroud I laid on others like a blanket - "I know who you really are." When I could no longer see the person beneath that which I already "know" about them. Religion colors truth. "God sends people like that to hell." Politics colors truth. "They shouldn't... Continue Reading →

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